Game Development

Simple Shaders to Full Development

For over 20 years, Dragon's Den has created games and bespoke custom software for teams large and small. Our developers are creative, agile, and deliver on time. Whether you have a team that needs additional support, or an idea on a cocktail napkin, we are ready to accomplish your development goals.

We specialize in Unity3D Development, Shader Creation, and Artificial Intelligence, but have worked in every aspect of software development. Everyone on our diverse team is a designer, and has successfully shipped or published works.


Rapid Prototyping

Fast Turnound Game Sketches

Your main team has enough going on, let us tackle your R&D or pipe dream feature!

Our game sketches provide answers and clarity to deadlocked designers, saving you time and money.


Concepts and Characters

Your style, our style, any style

It's great seeing a fresh take on a beloved character, or your own original creation come to life. We love to sketch, storyboard, sculpt, and drink way too much coffee. Watercolor, Marker, Digital, or even Crayon, we draw what you want.


Our Passions

From Greyboxing to always running builds, we are driven to create

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Optimization and shader programming with designs that keep play comfortable.

Artificial Intelligence

Personality based gameplay, Level Builders, Camera Operators and Player Stand-ins.


From game sketches to finished products it's our weapon of choice since 2010. We use it, we teach it.

Game Design Documents

Easy to read and full of flavor, our Design Docs and Game scripts bring fun to any content.

Music Direction

The aural experience is essential. We make users want to turn the volume up!

Project Management

Applying Agile Methodolgies as needed for the project. We train talent and hit deadlines.

Can we make something fun for you?

You've scrolled down this far, drop us a line and find out what we can bring to your next big project!